Model Homes on the Horizon

Cooper Ranch Home

It’s been a few months since Talking Rock announced the addition of the Cooper Ranch Homes and Ranch Cottages to the community. You may have seen the bones of the model homes popping up along the horizon and once they are done this fall, they will be filled with potential new neighbors.

Currently, two Cooper Ranch Homes and two Ranch Cottages have been sold in addition to two developer lots. Ranch Cottage The homes, which start at $399,900, are part of the New American Dream, a contemporary concept that blends smaller and more energy-efficient homes with a spirit of active enjoyment among homeowners and their guests. The homes will feature expert craftsmanship, rustic exteriors with natural stone accents, granite countertops, landscaped yards and stainless steel appliances.

What’s next? Construction will soon transform these works-in-progress into luxurious homes. In no time we will be celebrating with a grand opening in September!