Off-Court Exercises to Improve Tennis Skills


Sometimes the tennis court is filled. Sometimes you don’t feel like leaving your house to go play tennis. These problems don’t have to cause your tennis game to suffer. You can improve your skills, strength and speed right at home with some gear and space.


For a full-body workout that can be done right in your living room, try the burpee. It is the ultimate exercise that works the body from head to toe and as easy as it seems, you get an intense workout. To do a burpee, start off standing and sink to a squat with your hands on the ground in front of you. Then, step each leg back into plank position. Do one push up and then walk your feet up to your hands and stand. Boom! Legs, abs and arms are all worked and no court or equipment was needed.

Power Slams

If you are heading to The Fitness Barn for some gym time, use some of the equipment to get you ready for the court, like a medicine ball for overhead slams. The name of the exercise really describes it all. Raise the medicine ball over your head and slam it down to the ground with power. This will strengthen your arm muscles and get you prepped for a serve full of power.

Speedy Skills

To ensure you can race across the court during heated matches, try speed and resistance training. Condition the fast twitch fibers of your legs with high-speed runs. Or do isometric training exercises with resistance bands. These activities are low-intensity but have a big pay off when you can run from corner to corner during a match.