Petrifying Pinterest Ideas

_MG_6242Pumpkins are finding their way onto many Talking Rock porches as residents prepare for the spookiest time of the year. Take your Halloween décor to the lawn and kick it up a notch to spook passersby.

Whether you want to spook visitors coming to your home or welcome them in a witchy way, there are a ton of DIY ideas on Pinterest. But before you fall down the never-ending hole of pins, check out the great ideas we compiled on our board to help you decorate your lawn.

For more of a cutesy route, make a goofy Frankenstein door with a few simple supplies like paper plates, crepe paper and duct tape. He can accompany his little buddy, Frankenstein scarecrow, created from cloth and straw.

If you want to get super spooky, there are plenty of ideas that will scare off guests. Cover your house in giant spiders as they crawl around your home like a web. No one with arachnophobia will want to step near your home. You can make the spooky spiders with either Styrofoam balls or simply buy them; or create a ghastly playground for ghouls made from chicken wire and sheets.

If you want to use traditional pumpkins to line your driveway, there are a few different ways to take your pumpkins beyond jack-o-lanterns. You can paint the pumpkins and place them on top of each other to mimic a tree, or really get creative and design your own patterns.

Check out our Halloween Lawn Décor board on Pinterest for even more ideas!

How do you plan on decorating your home for Halloween?