Prepping for Cooler Temperatures

Talking Rock snow 1

The weather is cooling down and we will soon see the leaves changing and the blustery winds getting chillier. As we prepare for the autumn and winter season, not only will be putting out pumpkins and Christmas lights, but also doing some handy work to prepare the house for the cold temperatures.

Here are few simple tasks that can be added to your to-do list in order to preserve cost and energy as the temperatures drop and seasons change.


Start preparing your heating system now for that dip in temperatures that is around the corner. For a small fee, a heating technician can inspect your furnace or heating pump to make sure it is clear of debris and in good working condition. Getting it inspected and fixed now will prevent you from sitting in the cold if it breaks in later months. For a list of technicians here in Prescott, check out this list.

Ceiling Fans

A simple trick that won’t cost any money at all, but instead save it, is reversing your ceiling fans’ blades. Energy Star advises that after you turn on your heat, switch the blades to run in a clockwise direction in order to create an updraft and push the heated air down. It will help you save money by allowing you to turn down the thermostat.


Instead of spring cleaning the inside of your home, autumn clean the outside. If you are able to, head up to the roof to clean up any loose leaves or dirt on the roof itself and in gutters. While you are up there, search for any broken shingles. Cleaning and fixing a dirty and damaged roof will prevent leaks during those cold winter storms.


If you have any pipes that are in a unheated location, such as a crawl space or garage, be sure to wrap them in foam insulation, pipe wrap or heat tape. This will ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst.

Here’s to cooler temperatures and a safe home!