Coop’s Coffee Shop

Coffee anyone? Coop’s Coffee Shop offers its very own blend of premium, fresh roasted coffee. Enjoy a cup of coffee over a newspaper at the bar, or have a barista package some up to take back to the house. Lattes, mochas, espressos, teas, smoothies, you name it Coop’s has them. Not to mention our signature milkshakes and malts.

Throughout the day in Coop’s you can enjoy a variety of food options from a menu that includes breakfast sandwiches and burritos along with Panini’s, sliders, deli sandwiches and soups.

Need a cocktail out by the pool? Coop’s offers full bar service and a complete list of sodas and beverages. Great for a quick stop at the turn between nines.

prescott coffee shop

Coop’s also plays the part of an old fashioned general store that stocks a host of items that will save you tons of time and another trip to the grocery store. You never have to worry about running out of the necessities – Coop’s Coffee Shop has you covered.

Book Sharing Library
Inside Coop’s you will find a large selection of books available for reading that is shared by the community. Members and friends drop off their used books at the coffee shop so that others can enjoy them as well.

Board Games, Cards and WiFi
Coop’s is the perfect place to get away for some relaxation and enjoy a game of chess, checkers or crazy 8’s. You can also take advantage of wireless Internet to access e-mail and other on-line services.

Mail Services
Many of the community mail boxes are located at Coop’s making it the ultimate community gathering spot. Coop’s can also assist you with various mail services such as postage, large packages, FedEx and UPS deliveries.