Remarkable Recipes for the Holidays

TableNow that holidays are upon us, festive parties seem to be happening every weekend. After the second or third party, tried and true recipes like fruitcake, cheese logs and cranberry sauce can get old. This year, make it a priority to spice up the annual gatherings with a new recipe.

Whether you are hosting a shindig or attending one, be sure to wow party guests with one of these unique holiday recipes:

Start the get-together with a sweet and savory dish that is tastier than a cheese board. Top a puff pastry with crème fraiche, onions and apples for a light appetizer. Or for the same sweet and salty idea, wrap pears with prosciutto and blue cheese.

When it comes to entrees, the holiday ham is a favorite. We love the ham as well and challenge you to make it a little different this year. Glaze the ham with spices and apricot preserves and serve with some coriander and fennel for a new taste. A few other glaze options include maple and mustard and marsala wine.

Another great entrée option is pasta. Pair penne pasta with Brussels sprouts and bacon for a great entrée that won’t leave you in a tryptophan-induced coma like turkey.

Over the traditional pecan pie? This chocolate black-bottom pie seems like a delightful way to end any party. Chocolate wafers form the crust filled with rum-flavored chocolate ganache and topped with macadamia nuts, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

To whet the palate throughout the night, bring out the bar cart and concoct some fanciful drinks. Sure you can make the classic eggnog… or you can whip up the pomegranate gin sling and winter sangria.

What recipes do you plan on making for the upcoming holiday parties?