Tennis Accessories: Win with Your Wardrobe

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Whoever said that there’s no room for haute couture on the tennis court is just plain mad. Part of winning means looking like a winner and you can’t do that if your getup doesn’t match your game. Whether it’s warm or cold, we’ve got you covered from head to toe with the latest tennis fashion trends.

When you’re on the court, you don’t have time to think, let alone wipe your brow, so check out these stylish Dri-FIT head ties from Nike. The high-tech material is great for absorbing sweat, but dries so quickly you might think you didn’t even play.

These 40 Love Courture tennis towels not only keep you dry, but they’re perfect for bringing your belongings to the court or packing in some ice to cool you down after an intense match. Who doesn’t love an accessory that can multitask with the best of us?

With cooling temperatures and snow on the way, it can be hard to plan your next tennis outing. Without properly suiting up, your play can be compromised, possibly putting your body at risk for injury, especially during the upcoming chilly months. With the Wunder Under Pant you don’t have to worry about the winter temperatures cramping your play or style. They’ll keep your body warm and your game ice cold.

No one likes shagging balls, especially when the game is on the line. Before you get caught chasing a runaway tennis ball, try on this cute Pace-Setter skirt with tennis ball pocket. Functionality never looked so good.

Now that we’ve set you up for style success, don’t let your racket wreck your wardrobe. Make it work for you with this sewing pattern tennis racket cover. It’s great for turning heads, but, more importantly, it protects your most cherished tennis possession.