Product Assistance for Tennis Improvement

tennis in prescottAre you putting your best foot forward and still losing every match against your competitive neighbors? If you have been practicing your tennis game for a while with little improvement, it may be time to seek help from a few gadgets. From target practices to starter nets, there are a variety of products available to assist your rise to court dominance.

Target Practice
Are you hitting your tennis balls well over the fence or into neighboring court? If so, these pop-up tennis targets are a perfect for harnessing your power. These durable targets attach to any tennis net with Velcro and help focus your power for improved accuracy and stroke progress.

Focus for Function
Another great assistant for improving your game is mobile boundary lines. This versatile tool not only allows you to mark your own 60-foot tennis course but can easily be used to create specific target areas and guidelines for court positions. The lines can be carried in any gym bag and come with a slip resistance grip pattern so they won’t slide during the games.

Nets for Newcomers
Some novice players may not want to head to the court before perfecting their skills. In that case, starter nets like the Wilson EZ Net 18′ are perfect for practicing in a backyard or on the driveway. The portable net can be set up on any flat surface and easily be transported in its drawstring carrying case.

If your tennis game still needs some improvement, attend one of Talking Rock’s tennis lessons. Keep your eye out on the calendar for upcoming sessions.

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