Move To Prescott, Your Premiere Arizona Resort Retirement Destination

I’ve noticed that many communities are vying for my attention as retirement approaches. As an active community member, I don’t want to live in an area that’s too remote. However, city living is definitely a lifestyle I’d like to leave behind. Looking at an Arizona resort retirement option has been on my mind for awhile, and the Prescott area continues to draw my eye. Explore this area with a virtual tour of almost every amenity.

When I go online, I can look at a virtual map of this Arizona resort retirement center. This area is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before since homes dot the land with grace and attention to the landscape. Pick out a particular community, such as Juniper Meadow, and tour a home in that area. The developers tried to build the homes with strict attention to the Western decor that’s natural in Arizona. Each home isn’t a carbon copy of another one, so it might be difficult to pick one from just a single visit. Homes vary in size and location, which allows you to customize the property in any way you see fit.

Although my home is an oasis from the world, this resort offers so much more just outside the front door. Some of the best golfing in the world is possible in Prescott where the blue skies seem to tickle the greens. If you’re more adventurous, try out any of the hiking trails that meander within and without this community. I love fishing, and I was thrilled to see that the resort even has a pond for my use on those days that I just want to relax. Other activities, including tennis and shuffleboard, are also available. After your workout, the community also has its own eateries where you can dine whenever you please.

I’ve read about those resorts that are so isolated from the world that you can’t really do much else with your day after roaming around the main property. Prescott, Arizona, is entirely different because some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders are just a short drive away. Explore Sedona or another part of Arizona with a planned, day trip. This resort allows you to have a secluded, community life with nearby Arizona cities just a few minutes away. You won’t miss out on any exciting adventures with this resort as your home base.

Picking out real estate in Prescott is my next big challenge. There are so many different homes to choose from, and the area continues to be developed. It’s exciting to see so many retirees with the same goals. My golden years look like they’ll be full of activities, good conversation and fun as I look into the Arizona sunrise and sunset.

Talking Rock Ranch in Prescott, AZ offers a wide variety of amenities and a surrounding community that offers many features.

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