Ranch Cottage Virtual Tour

Virtual reality isn’t reserved for Sony’s PlayStation console, monopolized by teenage boys who are thumbing for a new personal best point total on the latest action-adventure game. Beyond entertainment, virtual reality applications are being used in the healthcare industry, for space exploration, in the manufacturing sector, in retail settings, and for real estate.

So, Talking Rock seems to be right on trend.

Positioned in the beautiful high country of Prescott, Talking Rock offers a relaxing escape from the everyday grind of city life. But, what if you can’t escape right away? What if you want to visit the luxury community, but you’re tied to your home base for the time being?

We understand. Life has its demands.

That’s why we’ve unveiled a virtual tour of our Ranch Cottages, our detached, single-family homes built by TDLC Development. TDLC Development has been on the cutting edge of high-profile residential projects in Arizona and the Southwest for years, including more than 10 years of involvement at Talking Rock.

And, even though we’re a little biased, we think the virtual tour is really cool.

It allows you to step inside one of the cottages ranging in size from 1,960 to 2,555 square feet and take a look around. All around. The 360-degree tour gives viewers access to everything the cottages have to offer, from the patio to the kitchen to the living spaces to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

It’s like going to an open house in your pajamas, minus the judgmental stares from strangers.

The virtual tour even captures the details of the cottages, such as their granite slab or ceramic tile countertops, the plush carpeting and plank floors throughout, and their sprawling covered porches. To be fair, there may be a little bit of urgency involved. The cottages, located on the golf course near many of Talking Rock’s amenities, are nearing closeout.

So, if you like what you see on the screen, you might consider a visit. We’d love to show you the Ranch Cottages in person.


Take the tour