Talking Rock Arizona Real Estate

Meet the Builder; Tom Carlson

TDLC Development has had a long running history in Talking Rock Ranch. Tom Carlson worked with Geoffrey H. Edmunds in 2004 and introduced the Ranch Cottage and later the Cooper Ranch Home products to the community.  Since then the two home series have been a popular option and custom home alternative for those looking for detached, single-family homes with designer options.  They offer unmatched style and grace while capturing the very best of casual western living. Learn more about Tom Carlson and what he brings to Talking Rock below.


Tom Carlson Q&A

You’re proud of your Arizona roots. What do you enjoy most about building in the desert Southwest? 

 As an Arizona native, one of my favorite things, of course, is the wide open spaces in Arizona, which allow you more creativity and the ability to design and build homes based on different geographies and climates. Many people think of Arizona as desert, but there are so many different regions in the state. Everything from desert, to high chaparral and mountain—this diversity allows you to build a variety of homes to fit within the different climates, and allow owners to enjoy indoor/outdoor living wherever they are building.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’m an Arizona native and a graduate of the University of Arizona.  I have been in real estate development and construction for more than 24 years and have been involved in projects from luxury custom homes to high-end multifamily and master-planned communities.  Some of the more notable experiences include the Scottsdale Waterfront, Esplanade Place at the Biltmore, 6500 Camelback, 44 Monroe and Talking Rock.  I worked with Geoffrey H. Edmunds after college, and in 2006 I started my own firm, called TDLC Development.


How long have you been involved at Talking Rock?

I have been involved with Talking Rock from almost the beginning.  In 2004, when I worked for Geoffrey H. Edmunds, we introduced the Ranch Cottages and sold the first phase within two years.  Since then, we have updated the Ranch Cottages and are currently in the second phase of development, and we also introduced Cooper Ranch Homes We have seen a lot of changes at Talking Rock over the last 13 years, but all the changes have been positive and have really helped create the beautiful community it is today.


What are you working on at Talking Rock right now? And, what are you seeing in the way of development trends that captures your attention?

For the last couple of years, we have been focusing on Cooper Ranch Homes, which are designed to enhance the whole indoor/outdoor living experience.  These homes sit on just about a half-acre and range in size from 2,400-2,600 square feet.  Most of our buyers don’t want the hassle of larger homes, so we find this size to be very appealing. Also, many buyers are interested in one main living area where friends and family gather, which the Cooper Ranch Homes feature.  We’ve designed expansive patios that wrap the homes and really connect the indoors to the outdoors, creating the ultimate environment for families to relax and also entertain with the natural, panoramic beauty of the northern country as their backdrop.  Today’s buyer is all about creating memories, which places an emphasis on experiences and enjoying life.


What do you think sets Talking Rock apart from other communities? Why did it draw you in?

We fell in love with Talking Rock from the beginning, for several reasons. What drew us in is what continues to bring in buyers from all over the country.  We felt from the start that Talking Rock was the nicest golf community in Prescott.  The overall design of the course and amenities are situated in such a way that celebrates and enhances the natural beauty and contour of the land, rather than moving tons of dirt to make the community something it isn’t.  The views in this community go on forever.  We also like how the developers embraced the history of the community and the land, and made them an important part of the story, which isn’t something you find that often in developments.  And, finally, the strong partnership and fiscal responsibility of the developers is very important to us.  The developers are committed to this community, and even when most other developers were throwing in the towel during the recession, they continued to support and develop Talking Rock.